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IFRAME SEO Poisoning Attack, Impact, Issues, Problems

When you are going to work in the SEO field you need to be updated for every technique and tips related to the SEO. There are many techniques which can help you out to rank better in SERP. Today Serpwizard is going to discuss with you about the IFRAMES SEO poisoning attack, their problems and how you can recover from this attack.

What is IFRAME?

It Stand for the Inline Frame. It is nothing but an HTML element code which allows embedding another HTML document inside the main document.

  • Page which is in the IFRAME may be crawled by the Bots of the search engine.
  • Screen radar turns the IFRAME into a link to the source page of the website.
  • Links which are in the IFRAME are quite accessible. It is possible to make these links accessible. You only need to add a text description within the Frame.
  • The text you are entering in your IFRAME that will be good for those people who is disabled the frames.
  • Content which you are entering in the IFRAME will not be considered as the content of the parent page of your site.
  • You can make you page more accessible with the scrolling attribute.


Use of IFRAME according to the SEO point of view:

  •  Usually search engines link to the iframe pages itself instead of the master webpage of the site. It will not become optimal to gain the attention of the search engine bots or visitor of your site.
  • Some people turn off the element of the iframe from the option advanced setting just because of the security issues for their site.
  • If many sites are using the same IFRAME element then search engines consider it as duplicate content and they can ban your site.
  • When you are using Iframe then you are also displaying the content of another webpage by this concept. You will not have any control on the information which is displayed there if you are connecting any external page of the website. Search engine notice that you are using unique information and not copying from any other site of webpage.

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