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    How to Rank in Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ Boxes

    How to Rank in Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ Boxes

    People Also Ask, and its similar questions have occupied remarkable clearance in the Google Search Engine Result Page. It has believed that Search Engines now became a solution machine. Now you can search things without additional tabs or without going to any websites. It is decreasing traffic on the websites. Now, Google tries to answer the questions which the user types in the search engine search page.

    It provides more reliability and credibility to the search results. These expeditious Search Engine Result Page, changes cause a level of stress of losing clicks and traffic on the other websites. The concept of People Also Ask Boxes is swiftly increasing. To make your place here, you have to research about the people needs and their frequent queries. It seems easier after you had complete knowledge of it. So, if you want to know more about it, continue reading and understanding it.


    The People Also Ask (PAA) boxes appear on the Google Search Engine Result Page. In there are numerous questions suggested which are related to the user’s quest doubt. In this, you have to only tap on the side arrow, and you will get the answer to that question, prescribed there.  It also consists of a clickable link that includes more erudition about the answer.

    After knowing about the People Also Ask box, let us know about the four relevant things of the People Also Ask Box.


    • PAA appears on several Search Engine Result page

    The featured snippet appears on the first or second position of the search engine result page. On the other hand, the People Also Ask page can display at any point on the page.

    • PAA box contains unlimited questions

    When you open any question on the People Also Ask box, more questions are annexed there. There is no limit specified in this box. Sometimes it can be only five questions that are related to the search result, and may on the other point of time that can be ten questions.

    • The format of the People Also Ask box varies

    Similar to featured snippets, the search result-related queries in the People Also Ask Box also come in a different configuration.

    For example, if you search how to tie a knot, then the People Also Ask page appears in video format. On the other side, if you ask What denotes the Knot, then The People Also Ask box will appear in paragraph format.

    • People Also Ask questions stimulate the analogous answers

    In the People Also Ask question Box, sometimes the questions appear the same. Even when users search about their query, the same source appears in the featured snippet and the People Also Ask box.

    After discussing the relevant things of the People Also Ask box, let us discuss How PAA will enhance SEO.


    There are numerous ways available through which you can improve your SEO. Here we are stating some of them.


    As you know, that PAA supports those content that is reliable and credible. These contents must answer the query asked by the user or searcher. You can be a part of the People Also Ask box, if your website builds content which is easy to understand, credible and familiar with the question user ask. It will encourage more transit to your website. The content can be created after in-depth research about the topic.


    The questions which appear in the People Also Ask (PAA) box doesn’t contain a single keyword. These questions’ words and formats differ from each other. So, to appear in the PAA box, try to search for new keywords to target which users might use for searching their queries.


    These queries are mostly well defined and may have one or two different solutions for them.

    For example, if the user searches “How to get QuickBooks for free”. It has the same solution on every website. So, for this type of query create accurate, proper, and customized content to appear in the People Also Ask box.

    After knowing how it can improve SEO, let us know how you rank in the People Also Ask box?

    The process is not complicated. The prime source to appear in the PAA box is in-depth research. But there are some other ways which we will discuss below:

    • Search about the site pages that rank for numerous keywords,
    • You can drag their keywords grading,
    • Abrade the People Also Ask questions,
    • Decide a stare at the most asked questions,
    • You have to secure that you are not already origin,
    • You should check whether you are eligible or not for a grade, and
    • Last but not least, personalize your site page.

    Is it a compulsion that there is the answer to the question?

    Yes, it is a necessity that your site must have a solution to the question. Because if a user asks, what is Search and, if your website has no answer to this question, there is no chance that you appear in the People Also Ask box.

    The only solution to this problem is that if your website is building content on any said topic, you must assure, that it covers all the information about the topic, and it should be in form of both headings and sub-headings as it makes it easy for them to understand about it.


    The grading in the People Also Asks will boost organic traffic on your website, but you need to build your content wisely. There is no one solution or tactic to rank in this box. This tactic differs from website to website. If your content is customized and well-presented, you will get a place in the PAA box. To ensure your rank, do complete research about the frequent questions and keywords.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.