How to do SEO for Amazon Products Listing

SEO for Amazon Products
When the concept of search engine is spiked about what most people think immediately about is google and other popular web browsers. Contrary to this there are bigger organization that are frequently surfed hence making them to have their own web browsers, a perfect example to this is e commerce website. Amazon being a home to over 300 million product sold across United States of America making it an online retail monster. What make amazon juicier than google is that whenever you visit this website you normally have product in mind that you are going to look after. They are not there no look into search for facts like google but are tripping this websites for business purposes. The concept of amazons SEO is very important and critical especially in the e-commerce world. To help one have his product prioritized as the top of amazons search engine result pages (SERP), it is important to introduce the concept of A9 and amazons algorithm variables.

Amazon SEO Strategy and Tips

Amazons search engine name is A9 which is an algorithm started in 2003 as subsidiary of amazon tasked with key responsibility of creating better conducive environment for proper interaction between the seller of the product and the buyer of the product. In comparison to google, amazon’s definition of success in the online sites is majorly characterized by sending huge traffic and get the product that would find the best conversion. To assist one digest deep about this algorithm concept of A9 algorithm there are variable so that are occasionally used to make this sale successful amongst buyer and seller on the online platform and for delivery to the right destination.

  • Faster sale: This algorithm doesn’t care about the number of sale that a particular product had over past give n time what matters is the most recent rate of sale for a product example of search case, people may prefer Halloween themed candy in October but during Christmas session people prefer dealing with the type of nice candy hence increasing their sale per unit time.

Amazon seo

  • Verified review: This one of the most powerful variables in amazon for marketing, a product with many reviews, customer once having bought a product, he goes ahead and post a post review statement of the same product, this is very important as next sequence of coming customer would be able to get attracted by the information and description for the product in question. If amazon keeps on listing a product high on the market but all of sudden customers are leaving negative comment concerning the product, amazon will reduce the rank of the product and may never recommend for its buying to the consequent customers on the way.


  • Sales Page content: Every search engine needs words good descriptive words in order to figure out what the customers are thinking concerning the viability and stability of the product. Common items such as text ratios, keywords are mostly looked into by the search engine in order to give an item a ranking. Keywords are occasionally placed in manner that includes the following; page title, subtitle, product description, editorial review, product picture file name, Name of author, editor etc. such features usually the engine give priority and concern.


  • Special keywords: Amazon gives priority to special keywords that are always used in categorization of the product, putting them in the right group for the purpose customer identification.

Many people in the amazon business are oblivious of this concept that are key to product perpetuation to the top, please adhere to them.

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