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google analytics cohort tracking

Google Analytics is a service which is offered by the Google and it is used to measure the web traffic of your site. It is a very best tool the people who need more traffic on their websites such as online business websites. They can get complete detailed statistical report about the traffic of their website with the help of Google analytics whereas cohort tracking is a technique which is known as subset of behavioral analytic also. Cohort analysis is a very important part of the analytic and very helpful also to get all the details about your site that it is going to better or not.

What is cohort Analysis?

Cohort Analysis is a great tool to track retention and user engagement but you need to know that how you can set up it on your blog. Actually Google analytic does not support cohort tracking as a standard feature. This service primarily target on traditional site navigation metrics like traffic source, bounce rate and page views. This study sometimes refers to as panel or longitudinal studies.

Refining of Data collection for Cohort Tracking

When you are going to collect data at large level from the wild and wooly internet then you don’t know exactly that what you are searching for. You need to get proper solution to the problem of detecting spiders before starting refining of data.

Why use Google Analytics?

There are some good reasons to use Google analytic for the cohort analysis. If we go in deep than we can consider that what the reasons of using cohort tracking is. For the cohort analysis the most relevant features from some of the features is the Google analytics. The most common and effective way to tracking users as they navigate you product to record your tracking data in the cookies of the site.


  • First you need to decide what you want to track and decide what you need to store such as dates or goals. How you will partition in the available slots.
  • It is important to write the appropriate data to their cookies when your visitors arrive.
  • It is good to segment the results for every cohort grouping to whom you are going to track.
  • Analyze with proper reports, make cohort reports for goal analysis or retention.





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