Faceted Navigation SEO Best Practices

Faceted navigation SEO

Now just because of a busy schedule and competition in the online businesses no one wants to waste their more time in searching something. For the facility of the users most of the Ecommerce sites categories their products and services according to the need of the user. There is an option for categorizing these products which is called faceted navigation.

What is Faceted Navigation?

It is a process of refining the broad category of products according to need of the user. It usually called refining the searches or simply filters the result according to user need.

How Faceted Navigation works:

In this technique you can simply make some buttons to your site such as categories but categories are very common and every site is using category according to their products. With the categories you need to provide some options such as Price, Brand and pricing priority. For an example when a user go on an ecommerce site and he/she wants to search shoes of a specific company then they can go on the brand option and first one they will select brand from there. After that when they can choose their products according to their budget from the option price category. There will be some option in the price list also. After selecting a user can set these results from the high to low or low to high priority. This is method of working with the faceted navigation. It can give more result to the user according to their needs.

SEO v/s Faceted Navigation

This technique is used by the SEO Professionals also with their best practices. SEO Companies try to get more traffic with their best practices. When a user comes to your site to purchase something or for searching then they will stay on your site if they get their answer very quickly. That is why SEO professionals also work on this technique with their best practices.

Advantages of Faceted Navigation:

  • When a crawler crawl two URL for the same product then new URL is considered as a new page and crawlers understand it as a content duplicity and they can panelize your site for it. But with this technique you can come out from this problem.<






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