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Sometime sites to make “easy money??? working online are simply scams to get your login information and put you on a mailing list. Crowdworking has been labeled as a way to earn some easy money online, but is it a scam?

Can you actually make money from crowdworking?

The answer to the feasibility of making -real- money crowdworking is a definitive yes. Crowdsourcing has recently become a buzz-word on the Internet.  It encompasses a specific type of outsourcing.  The idea is pretty simple.  You get a lot of people to do small tasks for you thereby getting a project that can be done for far less than passing it off to a single subcontractor or employee.  This way of doing business can also get you answers to questions since it will always be a large and random collection of people who will be doing the work.

The flip side of this equation is crowdworking.  That is the process of doing these small jobs and getting paid for it.  This brings up the important question of what are the ways to earn money from crowdsourcing.

Here are few ways to earn money from Crowdworking

1)  NamingForce:  The competition here is pretty fierce, but the payouts are good.  The fees they pay can range up to 200 + dollars if chosen, but there is a lot of competition and it can be rough.

2)  IdeaOffer:  The idea offers here are lower often $5-20 payouts, but there is also less competition, therefore your chances of having an idea taken are better.  If you are active and have good ideas you could easily get an extra $100-200 for your PayPal account a week doing what is really only an hour or two creative work.

3)  99designs: This site is about contests for designs.  It has contests for just about any type of design you could possibly imagine.  On the bad side, if your designs are never chosen, you never get paid.

4)  Prova: This site is like 99 designs.  The competition is a little less fierce and the areas of the contests are a little narrower.  This site offers more competitions in the areas of postcards, logos, and website banners.

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