Baidu is one of the largest search engines available in China. This search engine has a lot resemblance to google in totality. The digital landscape of china is arguably the most interesting and fascinating online ecosystem in the world. Due to numerous government regulations, it has developed very first like a closed intranet than open source web we are used to seeing everyday. In Chinese economy being in the internet of commerce is compulsory. When one is absent at Baidu and Sohu, then is considered to be naïve to the digital world of today.

Adding content on the platform of Baidu:

In most cases the Chinese will always search for particular keyword when researching on a topic. Most keywords are searched and contained in mandarin Chinese, hence most keywords are contained in this form that is simple and optimized Chinese language. Baidu mostly prioritize on websites developed in china domain. To host your sites on Chinese servers increases accessibility and complies with Chinese regulations.

In Chinese internet of commerce environments SEO is about developing your site and ranking them in the natural search results where majority of the citizens are, in most cases it is about them appearing and ranking highly in the netizens sites. Baidu’s intelligence ranking system is called the Spider, this is what it prioritizes:

Keyword selection:

In Baidu one needs to research the market to decide upon the best keyword he is looking for, in other words you are Chinese netizen searching for and how something and how it relates to your business, Chinese web development is very unique and this mostly evident in Baidu and sohu ranking.

Back links:

This is fundamentally at the heart of every SEO. This kind of campaign is where websites are featuring bank links to your URL, the more the back links, the more the features you generate for your listing on Baidu, in abide musty the more optimized you are, the more the indicator of legitimacy and quality you are believed to possess.

Original, quality content:

Chinese contents produced of quality from professional copywriters is key and mandatory and for building reputable and quality content. One needs to establish himself/herself as the expert and specialist of specific field of contest. In a Baidu, the site oftenly blog posts are usually shared of articles in forums which are still key site for the development of your reputation.

Baidu Search Engine SEO Practices and Tips

Baidu is so unique not like google.Creating high quality content is at the heart of optimizing for Baidu,fulfilling Baidu specific technical SEO requirements, building a massive volume of links and conforming to Chinese mandatory law and censorship law is at the heart of every success move made for Baidu.All this contents are mostly based to business to business conception.

Basic SEO Requirement for Baidu:

  • Non duplicated content: Duplication is highly penalized in Baidu, every piece of content in Baidu article should be unique from another.
  • Language Use: Baidu prefers simplified and traditional characters in Chinese language.It does not like Romanized character content.
  • Content Definitions: Most Chinese words have more than one meaning, when wrongly used more so in the context of Baidu it brings something different in meaning for the intended user definition.
  • Content quality: For good ranking to be achieved Baidu relies heavily on content quality, every page on the site that you want to rank should have minimum of 300 words of unique content.

Other key self explanatory key for Baidu are:

  • Title Tags
  • Content quantity
  • Meta description
  • Meta Keyword Tags
  • Image ALT attribute
  • Blogs
  • Heading tags

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