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Autoblogging SEO

May be SEO can be overwhelming and confusing when you are going to start is first time. It is very important to understand all things about SEO when you are going to start SEO for any online business. Today I am going to discuss about the Autoblogging SEO and is it good for SEO or not.

What is AutoBlogging?

Autoblogging is a process in which you can generate many blogs automatically. It is one of the easiest ways to earn cash online after beginning your blog. You can start your personal blog on any topic and write some content on that blog related to that topic. When the people read that post then traffic will come on your website and you can get benefits of the advertisements. It is helpful for those people who cannot spend more time to prepare content.

How it works?

When you want to use Autoblogging then you need to register a blog on the wordpress. After that you can start it by adding wordpress plugin in your browse. When autobloggers start their blog with wordpress plugin then autobloggers get auto generated blogs with the same content. If people like their post they just read and visits posts of the autobloggers then autobloggers get traffic on their blogs. Getting more traffic help them to get advertisement and make money online.

Autobloggers SEO Email Marketing

You can use Auto blogging for Email marketing also. It is also can be helpful for you to get traffic and business on your blog. It is very easy. You just need to generate RSS feed for your blog. You are guessing that the main part of this Email marketing is just sending email to a blog using the feature which is called “post by email???. Not it is not in the email marketing. In this method you can post to the most blogging sites by just using an email address and you will get this option somewhere in the setting.

Autoblogging is good or not SEO?

According to the new updates of the Google using this technique can be harmful for site or blog. Google consider it as a spamming because there are some reasons such as: Content duplicity. When search engine get same content than they can punish you site and down the ranks.

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