Anchor Text SEO Techniques, Importance and Practices


As the person of the SEO field who is going to learn about the SEO for that person it a very important thing to know that what use of the anchor text is and how it can be beneficial for the ranking of their website.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor is a visible, click-able part in a hyperlink. Such as <a href="">This link</a> which is redirected to the homepage of our website.

HTML Code for Anchor Text

<a href="">Example Anchor Text</a>

SEO Best Practices

Anchor Text is one type of link on which is visible and you can click on that then it will redirect to your on the other page of a website. It is used in the text and in contains another link in that text. You can click on this link to go to the other page. It is very important for a website. Anchor text is that thing that tells the search engine about the link to your website. Suppose you are going to create a link on the other website with an anchor text which can be your keyword. So, after creating this link when the crawler of the search will come to that website and get the link of your website with your keyword then it will give more a better result to your website for that particular keyword. This is the way that tells you the importance of the anchor text.


How to Use Anchor Text for Better SEO

SEO is a field which changes everyday according to the new updates of the search engine. Now it is very important to use your anchor text carefully because you can get penalize by Google for the same keyword in all hyperlink.

According to the new updates of the Google it is very important to use variation in your keyword because when you create more backlinks on the same keyword then it can be harmful for the ranking of your site. It is good to use variation in your keyword because now crawlers of the Google are very smart and they differentiate between two keywords that they are same or not. For example natural and organic both are the same things and crawler of the search engine knows the difference between these keywords.

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