Advertorials or Paid Content SEO

Today, internet marketing is a very vast field and there is a very big competition in this field. SEO is a way to get more traffic on your site and it is also known as the way of advertising for a specific product or services. Advertising and SEO are both similar to each other. Now, SERP WIZARD is going to discuss with you about the advertorial SEO.

What is an Advertorial?

An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of an editorial. Before when internet was not present then it was done by face to face methods such as providing pamphlets of the product or services.

Before some time getting advertisement from the high page rank websites was considered very good by the Google. These advertisements were produced on the high page rank sites to get traffic on their sites but now Google is doing some changes in their algorithms. Google would like online advertorials to be disclosed to spiders in the form of no follow links.

Advertorials v/s content marketing

It is very critical to understand that content advertorials is not content marketing. Advertorials are the advertisement. It is a way to highlight, promote and endorsing a product or service whereas content marketing is a way to writing some articles and telling about the products and services about the company. In the content marketing people provide information about services and product with the content. Content marketers post their links on the blog or article submissions sites with a link of their product or service. When a user comes to that post than they can use those product or services by following that link.

Advertorials SEO

Google is made it clear that paid links will not be accepted for them who passes page or link juice to the another URL and the solution was given by Google that you can do discount them for their ranking algorithm. The aim of the SEO advertorial is not just getting link juice by the link with in it. An SEO advertorial on an authority site is made to rank well in the search engine result pages. Advertorials are not a new thing we them from the newspaper and television ads. They are the light way to advertise whereas SEO advertorial is very good and effective way for the online businesses.

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