Intent Research vs Keyword Research for 2020

When you are doing keyword research or formulating a strategy for SEO, the important jobs that you need to do is understand searcher. Why they are looking for the keywords? Understanding this thought process of searchers can help you to better meet the needs as well as pull them on your website by making use […]

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Search Intent and SEO – A Complete Guide

Search Intent (or “User Intent”) is the main goal that the user has while typing any kind of query in the search engine. Some common kinds of Search Intent will include commercial, informational, transactional and navigational. For instance, let us say that you wish to cook up fresh food for dinner. But you are hungry […]

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Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2020

Seasonal bloggers might be aware of what search engine optimization for 2020 is likely to entail out. Each and every search engine optimization expert has his own personal opinion on what the future may be for the search engine optimization fields. These factors are very much important since they can easily be used by anyone […]

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Tabbed Content for SEO in 2020

Putting your content behind the tabs is one common solution to keep the body of the website content concise. Providing user an ability to show, or else hide your content with one single click. However, is tabbed content one good thing for SEO efforts? Quite recently Gary Illyes from Google declared that they are fine […]

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SEO Trends in 2020

Competition on the internet continues to increase as well as new websites are getting launched, it is the right time to rethink about the content marketing strategy or invest in SEO. The websites should meet some specific needs that are set by search engines such as Google, and it is where the SEO strategy gets […]

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