What is X-Default Google Hreflang Tag and When to Use Hreflang Tags

Google is one of the world most popular search engines used by many people for different IT related purposes. A search engine is a program designed to retrieve information on the world wide website. Other search engines includes Safari from apples, Opera from opera mini foundation, Mozilla firefox from mozilla foundation and UC browser and […]

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How to use Details and Summary HTML Elements

Html (Hypertext markup language) is one of the scripting languages used by web developers to write codes that is only understood by web browsers. This language is majorly in form of tags that is only relevant for particular use and for particular purpose at given situation. A mark up language is consortium of web languages […]

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XML Sitemap for Subdomains and how to add it in Google webmaster tool?

Sitemaps are the best possible way to convey the message to the search engine about the content of the website. This assists the search bots to crawl through the website easily as information about the URL’s required and the metadata for every URL is also provided. The metadata about every URL also shows the information […]

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What is Google voice search optimization (SEO)?

Maybe two decades back it would have looked like a long reach, when people spread the ideas about voice search program. But, in the past few years several advancements in the technique has led to this fictional idea become into reality. Google, has been leading this research to make it a permanent assistant to their […]

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FAQ Pages SEO and What are SEO best practices for FAQ pages

A FAQ page lists the commonly asked questions by the customers with answers that suffice the immediacy of the customer. This is an important frame to be added to the website because most of the answers to the user’s queries are already available in this page. With such importance to the page, it is essential […]

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What is Google optical character recognition and its role in SEO?

In the earlier days, Google bots found it difficult to index the content PDF files that were especially not text based. Now the times have changed as Google have introduced the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technique to index the image based and the scanned documents. It is now easy for the Google bots to index […]

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What is Keyword Abuse or Stuffing?

Keyword abuse or Keyword stuffing is a SEO spam technique used to obtain unethical advantages from the search engine results. Usage of keywords and meta tags throughout the content of the website is tend to provide an unfair push to the website from the search engines. This has been considered as an offense and is […]

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How Long Does SEO Take To Start Working?

Answer to this question generally varies as it depends upon wide range of aspects in determining the outcome obtained from using Search engine Optimisation on websites. Location, design of the website, Target customers, baseline traffic are some of the things to be considered before answering this question. However, on a general spectrum of views it […]

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Differences between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 Websites

Website development, in the recent years has been able to showcase major improvements that have helped users like us to connect and interact closely to the websites. With web 3.0 on the road, we take a glance at strategies that make web 3.0 and 2.0 different. Differences between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 Websites Web […]

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How Website’s Design and Structure Affects SEO

Website structure holds up a significant role in SEO that most of us fail to understand about. It is important to have a compatible website structure that supports different user devices. Often is the case that designing a site structure is overlooked and this is set to cause an upset in the search results.  A […]

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