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Review: SEO PowerSuite 2014

SEO PowerSuite 2014 Review
SEO PowerSuite 2014 is made by, which offers a reach of SEO items and site advancement administrations, and also SEO counseling.

Standout Features of SEO PowerSuite 2014:

Link Building & Management

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research & Analysis

Promote your websites in 610 local and international search engines.

Create and print all kinds of website optimization reports, publish them to the Web, or send them via email.

SEO PowerSuite earned a flawless score in Link Building & Management. They give each of these characteristics: connection trade locator, email patterns, dynamic connection check, backlink checker, join investigation and tweaked reports. SEO PowerSuite performed well in Competitor Analysis. They offer contender decisive word investigation, contender site dissection, and standing reports and redid standing reports. SEO PowerSuite completed in the main five in Keyword Research & Analysis. They emphasize essential word proposals, catchphrase look facts, watchword thickness examination, essential word viability file, boundless URLs, boundless magic words and nearby pursuit tags. Like the more level third of our lineup, SEO PowerSuite doesn’t have solid Submission Tools. Indeed they met none of our characteristic criteria. Yet they do let us know they are creating a docility device with article accommodation, site locator and tameness to indexes. They stacked up in the lowest part three for Performance Reporting. SEO PowerSuite at present characteristics reports with diagrams and charts, standing checker and robotized reporting. They don’t offer ROI number cruncher, record checker, movement facts, guest investigation, execution patterns or alarm reporting. SEO PowerSuite completes in the top half concerning Help & Support. Notwithstanding email help, they offer a ticket framework, intranet, help FAQs, cash back certification and a trial download. What they don’t offer on their help page is a live visit, telephone help, client discussion or an exercise or client manual.

In conclusion it can be said that SEO PowerSuite performs astoundingly with Link Building & Management characteristics. Contender Analysis and Keyword Research & Analysis are additionally solid execution ranges for SEO PowerSuite. It was in Performance Reporting and particularly Submission Tools where the item misses the point of better ranked SEO software.

How to increase Landing page Conversion rate?

How to increase landing page conversion rate

In the event that your organization is tossing around the thought of making a landing page or arrangement of presentation pages it is first vital to comprehend what they are, and also the components that go into making a viable landing page.

Landing pages are the way to keeping potential clients captivated and shutting them in under a moment. The following are five key landing page tips that will help support your transformation rate and drive more income from business to business transactions:-

Make simpler your content. Landing page content should be in bullet form, not paragraphs.  In addition, it should focus on the benefits of your products/services, not the features.

Shorten your lead form. Think about what you truly need from your customers in order to consider them a lead. The shorter your lead form, the more likely a potential customer is to fill it out.

Use your analytics to drive decisions. Your site analytics package offers a lot of useful data that you can leverage to improve the performance of your landing pages.

Keep the conversion path in mind when using images. The use of images on landing pages can be powerful as they attract the eye and can help keep a user on the page. However, they are not risk free.

Leverage landing pages for extended user engagement. Beyond driving visitors down a conversion path, think about how you can leverage landing pages to engage the consumer beyond today. For instance, do you have a Facebook fan page, a blog, press releases, a newsletter, or an RSS feed? If so, think about how you can offer such content to visitors so that they continue to engage with your brand beyond the initial lead form. Adding simple links or teasers for content such as white papers, behind the lead form will allow you to keep your customers engaged throughout the sales process and beyond.

In the event that you are looking to support your transformation rates, don’t make the mix-up of pursuing a greater amount of what you as of recently have. Rather, work to better change over the activity you are as of now getting. Enhancing your landing pages will help you do precisely that.

SEO Lead Conversion Optimization

SEO Lead Conversion Optimization

SEO Lead Conversion Optimization might be characterized as the crossing point of advancement, showcasing and the generally client experience. It depend quite vigorously on gathering examination information and settling on choices dependent upon information patterns, however change advancement works better when the information is fragmented by client action. It is additionally reliant on exceptional content. Text and Media which is earnest, constraining or passes on incredible quality will immediately pull in SEO connections and get strong business leads.

You delight in your new site and you are amped up for the movement that your website improvement (SEO) project is giving, yet why are individuals still not joining your mailing address? Accept it or not, this is a normal inquiry for numerous advertisers. The issue lies in the way that, despite the fact that your site is a blockbuster, changing over your guests into deals or business leads could be a befuddling riddle to comprehend. You may have heard somebody say that the best site on the planet might be a useless advertising instrument if individuals can’t discover it. Additionally, the greater part of the traffic on the planet doesn’t mean a thing if your site’s objectives are not being arrived at.

Your site has arrived at a focus where it needs to upgrade its plan and convenience keeping in mind the end goal to appropriate more leads, make more bargains or increase more parts. Transformation Optimization is a buzzword that you may not hear to the extent that other site techniques kept tabs on changing over guests since the very beginning. Attempting to second-surmise the movements that your guests will take might be unpredictable business, however when you have the right blending of information, ability and skill you will be getting more leads, bargains and sign-ups than any other time in the recent past.

Consequently, Conversion Optimization is about attempting to get into the brain of your guests. It is a process that starts when somebody writes a question into an internet searcher. In this way, utilize it cleverly to give your site an interesting recommendation which helps it in accomplishing the objective in powerful way. Thus, SEO Lead Conversion Optimization is exceptionally essential by every single organization having a site on this limitless web world.

Importance of Breadcrumbs Navigation in e-Commerce Web Design

Breadcrumbs in e-Commerce Website Design

Breadcrumbs, or breadcrumb navigation, are a type of navigation that shows the user’s location in a website. They are horizontally arranged text links separated usually by the “greater than??? symbol (>) which will show where the user is based in the hierarchy of the site. A lot of times breadcrumb navigation is overlooked in the design process, since a lot of people still see it as something unnecessary. But the true is that this type of navigation can certainly increase usability of a site. For websites with a lot of pages, for instance, breadcrumbs will make it easier for the user to find their way around. Specially because with this type of navigation the user can count on an alternative navigation method and won’t need to click the back button, they just need to check the breadcrumb path and navigate around with fewer clicks, using the given path to navigate from place to place.

Breadcrumb navigation will enhance navigation experience by making clear to user where they are in a website. This is why breadcrumb is a great option for e-commerce websites, specially the ones with logical categories of products. A website with clear hierarchy and logical categories can take full advantage of breadcrumb navigation by showing exactly the path the user took to get where they are and also allowing the user to navigate their path effortlessly. The main gain from breadcrumbs is that you can pinpoint the user inside the hierarchy of your page. So if you have several different levels of product, this is a good way to makes things easier for your users.

Remember that the breadcrumb navigation is an auxiliary navigation system; they compliment the primary navigation of website and should never replace primary navigation. Think of breadcrumbs as a visual aid to show your user’s location. Think of it as a simple way to position your user within sections and pages of your site. For e-commerce websites it is important to retain users and convert visits into sale. This is why breadcrumbs can help facilitate navigation and make it easier for the user to know their way around and find what they are looking for. A lot of times navigation in e-commerce websites are frustrating and users give up finding what they are looking for.

State of SEO in 2014


The unfortunate truth about SEO is that as soon as a strategy works, immediately everyone uses it. And everyone includes spammers. Keywords are losing relevancy and back linking now looks spammy. The old, faithful SEO strategies of 2013 have been corrupted and discarded. As you can see, 2014 will be a year of changes for online marketers.

So what actually works now?


In 2013, we advised you to tone down the keywords as Google was no longer giving them the same SEO weight. Now in 2014, keywords should be limited even more. Optimize for keywords heavily on your business’s website, just make sure the content reads well and sounds natural as Google is still opposed to keyword stuffing. Individual product pages are helpful for optimizing a diverse amount of keywords without weighing down your homepage.

The easiest keywords to rank for are localized. If you are a local business, optimize your website for your region. Get listed on Google Places and get reviews from customers on Google, Yelp.

Google Analytics

This may come as a surprise, but installing Google Analytics is a great way to help your SEO. Many website owners understand that Google Analytics can alert them to their best keywords. However, it’s clear that Google also uses the information gleaned from analytics to determine your site’s worth. Visitor behavior factors into Google’s algorithm.

Here’s a tip for your website that you won’t normally see on a post about SEO as fix your 404 error pages with a 301 redirect. Having dead pages hurts your SEO because Google views that poorly. Remember it’s all about the user, and a dead page is not helpful at all to the user. Use your Google webmaster tools to find the exact pages that need redirects.

In a nutshell, with many of the old strategies being scrapped, the best thing you can do for your website is to follow Google’s timeless advice of providing informative, valuable content to your customer. Concentrate the majority of your allotted SEO time, effort, and funds on social media engagement and on-site improvements. These methods will be the most lucrative ways to improve your pagerank and your conversion rates.

Organic Traffic Generation Strategies for 2014

Organic Traffic Generation Strategies for 2014
For many businesses, organic traffic is the key to success. Organic traffic is technically free, since the visitors will come from non-paid search engine results, YouTube videos, social media sites or other places.  However, it is important to invest time, energy and resources into getting your site in a position to be seen by people. Getting ranked takes effort, but the results will be a steady stream of organic traffic for months or even years on end. Reviewing and creating a new strategy for your organic traffic generation is comprised of several parts.

Below are the four potential strategies to generate organic traffic to your website for year 2014

Video Marketing – It is no surprise that videos are a great source of organic traffic, but this year they will matter even more as more mobile devices are able to access videos quickly and easily and more people are moving towards greater or unlimited data packages. In addition, people are moving toward unlimited data packages for their mobile devices, or at least packages with high data limits. This is important because mobile internet usage is going up rapidly, so targeting people where they are is critical.

Content Marketing – We talk about the value of content marketing quite a bit. Simply put, Google and other search engines are becoming experts at discerning the quality of the content on your site, so don’t just make sure your content is good because it needs to be great. In addition, finding other sites in your niche to syndicate your content to be a great way to build high quality links, and get extremely targeted traffic.

On-Site SEO – Review your onsite strategies at least once a year and look at things such as your Meta descriptions, heading tags, and how your internal link structure is setup. These things can help improve the user experience and keep visitors on your site longer.

Social Media Marketing – One of the biggest drivers of organic traffic! Setting up pages for your website on all major social media sites is critical as it will help you to build relationships with the people following you and drive traffic back to your main site.

Hope, the above mentioned strategies will help you out to generate organic traffic to your website.

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Earn Money from Crowdworking

Sometime sites to make “easy money??? working online are simply scams to get your login information and put you on a mailing list. Crowdworking has been labeled as a way to earn some easy money online, but is it a scam?

Can you actually make money from crowdworking?

The answer to the feasibility of making -real- money crowdworking is a definitive yes. Crowdsourcing has recently become a buzz-word on the Internet.  It encompasses a specific type of outsourcing.  The idea is pretty simple.  You get a lot of people to do small tasks for you thereby getting a project that can be done for far less than passing it off to a single subcontractor or employee.  This way of doing business can also get you answers to questions since it will always be a large and random collection of people who will be doing the work.

The flip side of this equation is crowdworking.  That is the process of doing these small jobs and getting paid for it.  This brings up the important question of what are the ways to earn money from crowdsourcing.

Here are few ways to earn money from Crowdworking

1)  NamingForce:  The competition here is pretty fierce, but the payouts are good.  The fees they pay can range up to 200 + dollars if chosen, but there is a lot of competition and it can be rough.

2)  IdeaOffer:  The idea offers here are lower often $5-20 payouts, but there is also less competition, therefore your chances of having an idea taken are better.  If you are active and have good ideas you could easily get an extra $100-200 for your PayPal account a week doing what is really only an hour or two creative work.

3)  99designs: This site is about contests for designs.  It has contests for just about any type of design you could possibly imagine.  On the bad side, if your designs are never chosen, you never get paid.

4)  Prova: This site is like 99 designs.  The competition is a little less fierce and the areas of the contests are a little narrower.  This site offers more competitions in the areas of postcards, logos, and website banners.

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Black Hat SEO Practitioners

The term ‘Black Hat search engine optimization’ refers to the unethical and questionable techniques that some SEO practitioners utilize to quickly boost a site’s page ranking on indexed search engines. While it may be tempting to quickly boost up the page ranking of your site, search engines will eventually catch on and penalize your site and its ranking.

With the recent updates to Google’s ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ search algorithms, here are few Black Hat SEO techniques that you should avoid:

1. Keyword Stuffing– This refers to adding a large amount of specific targeted keywords that the Black Hat SEO practitioner thinks will generate the most searches on search engines. The severity of this can vary, but you can usually tell when it’s done as content within the site does not read naturally.

2. Link Spamming– Link spamming is when a practitioner sends out links to the site to hundreds or thousands of other social sites. The problem with this is usually the site has no relevance to the other sites. This is done with the hope of attracting a disinterested user of the site that has been sent the link.

3. Invisible Text– Invisible text is a very tricky one to see on a page… literally! That’s because the text (usually keywords) is invisible and has been put within the source code of the website by the practitioner as hidden comments. It’s a very sneaky technique indeed.

4. Meta Tags– Meta tag manipulation is often a common technique and was quite popular in the past. While it still occurs, it is happening less because it is frowned upon by both users and search engines. This would often involve changing the Meta tags to popular search terms that were completely unrelated to the content of the site to attract traffic.

These methods aren’t restricted but it’s important to remember that if you utilize these within your site you are taking a big risk. If you are running an online business, trying to raise your brand awareness or making a digital marketing campaign it’s important to ask yourself, “Do I want to use unethical methods to potentially increase the page rank of my site in the short term, but have my site black listed????

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