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SEO vs CRO – What Roles They Play?


Search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are two practices which can often overlap when businesses look to improve the online performance of their website. Over the past few years there has been a long debate over whether one is more important than the other, or if they can work harmoniously together in order to generate online success. But, it is important to know the meaning of SEO and CRO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process of developing a website to make it more appealing to search engines. The goal is to make your website appear as close to the top as possible on a search engine results page (SERP) for certain keywords or phrases whereas CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, describes the process of optimizing your website with the aim of converting as many visitors as possible into customers. By performing a series of tests it is possible to determine which layouts, images and content are most effective at this conversion.

So, what kind of role both SEO and CRO play:-

  1. Both methods are concerned with website visitors. However they differ in that conversion rate optimization is focused on giving the visitor an optimized user experience whereas search engine optimization looks to find specific visitors where they are searching and convince them to visit the website.
  2. Both methods should be focused on quality traffic. Good SEO will target search terms from visitors who are likely to respond well to your website while good CRO will provide a website experience for visitors who are highly likely to convert based on the optimization changes you’ve ma
  3. Finally, both methods are a way to make more money online.

Since Internet Marketing trends are constantly evolving, it’s critical you focus on both SEO and CRO. Whatever you do, don’t just drive targeted traffic to your site, drive up conversions as well.

Local SEO Citations Finder

Local SEO Citations Finder
One of the easiest ways to improve your local SEO results is through getting “citations???. Citations are “mentions??? of your business name and address on other websites and don’t even have to have a link to your website. Citations more and more have become a key factor of the algorithm rankings of Google and Bing in determining your rank in local search results, especially so for small, local businesses. This has become even more important as mobile searches have increased.

Have a look at the various Local SEO citations which can improve your business on longer run-

Whitespark Local Citation Finder: It is an excellent tool that finds citations for top-ranked businesses for specific local queries in Google

SEMRush: It is one of the best ways to find keywords that your competition either ranks for or targets with Google Adwords.  It can’t be seen as more productive for small companies.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider: A tool to crawl your site like Googlebot would and discover all sorts of screwy things.  It is very essential and a must for bigger websites.

GetListed: It allows the use to see how your business is listed on Google, Bing and other local search engines.

Google Places Category Tool: It has been designed to see all of the Google Places categories in one place.  It is a very useful tool for citations.

Generate Local Adwords & Keyword Lists: This tool helps you build a list of local keyword variations.

Local Search Toolkit: This tool pulls the top Google Places listings for a query and shows you the business name, the web site title tag, # of citations, # of reviews, # of images, whether it’s claimed and distance from city center.

Local Search Rank Checker:  It is a great rank checker for local businesses.

Hope all the above mentioned Local SEO citations will surely help you in increasing the performance of your business.

Tips for Leveraging Google Plus (G+) For SEO

Leveraging G+ For SEO
No matter how hard we try, Google+ will not be denied. We’ve all seen it: the integration of Google+ into even the smallest facets of search results — from recently added Hashtags in people’s posts to the addition of Google+ posts into the Knowledge Graph of the SERP.

Have a look on the following tips for leveraging Google plus (G+) for SEO:-

  • Engage with your audience and in your industry – Create timely posts about current events and share them with the people in your circles. It’s like content freshness but for Google+. Invite engagement, brand awareness and subject matter expertise at the same time.
  • Tag your posts, share links to articles – In each and every post you create, do yourself a favor; use relevant Hashtags and incorporate a link to an article. You never know when you’re going to be in the news, and I mean that in the best possible way.
  • Never discount how Google uses its assets – We saw this with authorship and other structured data. There are obvious incentives to using Google+, and having your posts appear in association with news articles is an added bonus.
  • Install Authorship script on your website -There are so many SEO reasons to have an active Google Authorship strategy.  In fact, in our humble opinion, organic ranking will shift from “pulling??? SEO value from the Internet to a website into “pushing??? SEO value to a website via Authorship.
  • Google Plus Widget: Saving the best for last- This is perhaps the coolest and most under-utilized Google plus feature there is (so far anyway).  You can embed this script a company page or personal G+ page directly in a website page or post.  Here is an example on a website page and below you can actually what it would look like embedded on a page.

Install the Google Plus (+1) voting script on your home page and inner pages – Social sharing script buttons are the most underutilized and misused feature of many social network platforms.  You can attract many new followers and pluses on your company or brand page just but installing the script on your home page.

Free Local SEO Tools for 2014

Free Local SEO Tools for 2014
There are a lot of free local SEO tools for 2014 which can help you know about the performance of your business on this vast web world. SEO Tools that aim to do just about everything and tools that focus on one discipline of online marketing.

Have a look on the following Free local SEO Tools for 2014:-

  1. Whitespark– An excellent tool to find local citations of your business on the web. Requires a quick sign up to create a free account, which allows up to three searches a day.
  2.– Local search rank checker- During your 30-day free trial, BrightLocal will track key search terms across localized search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing  and as well as show how your keywords are performing in Google blended searches.
  3. GeoRanker– GeoRanker utilizes IP based technology to show you where you rank for specific search terms in over 2,000 cities worldwide. This is valuable information if you have multiple locations, are trying to target specific markets for your products or services.
  4. UpCity Free website Analyzer– UpCity is a tool that provides clean, easy to understand report cards for search terms in Google. This free tool allows you to enter your most important key term, your location, and then displays a visual representation of your score.
  5. LocalVox (Local SEO Tool)– allows you to enter your website URL and then it reports which local business directories and search engines you appear, coupled with information about those listings. You can see all of your published addresses in one place, making sure visitors can easily find you.
  6. Google mobile– Another Google tool, this site tester may not seem like a local search engine tool, but in the end, if a potential customer is using a mobile device to look for stores near them, your website needs to be prepared to deal with mobile browsers. This tool allows you to see your website as a visitor on a mobile device does.
  7.– checks the major local search directories, verifies you’re listed, and makes it easy to fix issues, and claim listings of your business that you haven’t yet.

So, the above mentioned free local SEO Tools for 2014 can help you enhance the performance of your website on various popular search engines.

SEO Tips, Trends and Techniques for 2014

It is known fact that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever changing phenomenon and 2014 will mark the start of another era for SEO. There have been some dramatic changes in 2013 and the next year 2014 also promises to bring more possibilities for every website. So the time has come to discuss about the SEO Tips, Trends and Techniques for 2014 because the way people search is changing because keyword based search is moving towards semantic search. The more intelligent the search engine algorithm becomes, the more likely they are to provide the correct page to the correct user in the correct location at the correct time.

Have a look on the below mentioned latest SEO tips, Trends and Techniques for 2014:-

  • Focus on content, not keywords– Keywords alone are no longer going to carry your SEO strategy, so spend less time stuffing keywords into content and more time writing content that people will find useful and interesting.
  • Mobile websites and mobile searching– Mobile search is also a key change in the Hummingbird algorithm and is one to keep your eyes on. Hummingbird was Google’s response to the increase in mobile Internet use and search results will now take ASR and voice search into consideration.
  • Let social media work for you– It can definitely help drive more traffic to your site, get people to comment on your blog and generate more links to your content, all of which help your SEO.
  • Set up Google Authorship– This New Year set up Google Authorship for your blog posts because this shows the world that you are the owner of your blog articles.
  • Guest blogging– Guest blogging is considered to be one of the most effective SEO Techniques of 2014. It is a great way to build quality in-bound links, build your brand and gain relevant traffic to your site. Be careful when using great blogging as part of your SEO campaign, what you say and where you say it has a large impact on your rankings.

So, I hope the above mentioned SEO tips, Trends and Techniques for 2014 will surely help your business to grow in future.

Niche Directory Submission Sites and Services

Niche Directory Submission Sites and Services
Reaching a target demographic can be difficult with the massive amount of information available on the internet. Niche Directories cater to circumventing this difficulty by listing specific types of businesses and websites to make them easier to locate. General Directories work well at generating traffic for a particular website. Niche Directories provide better link value and targeted traffic by being specific to a particular industry or interest.

A vast array of Niche Directories exists to cater to a variety of different topics. Some directories include RSS Feeds, Blogs, Scripts and Software, Web Hosting Companies, CSS Galleries, Web Designers, SEO Companies, and other Online Businesses. Each Niche Directory is dedicated to a particular topic which is listed as a category within a general directory.

So, it can be said that Niche Directory Submissions is a powerful link building technique that fetches highly targeted traffic to your business website. The more popular the niche directories, the higher are the chances of seeing qualified leads to your website.

Our database is constantly updated so that your site is submitted to directories that assure you more targeted traffic and one way links that are 100% relevant.

Before submission, we do a detailed research on the subject matter of your website and this enables us to match your site to the corresponding niche directories. This, along with our expertise on the submission guidelines, assures that your submission is the best.

Our Niche Directory Submission Services Include:

  • Niche One Way Link Building Services
  • Web Directory Submissions
  • Blog Directory submissions
  • RSS Feed Submissions

Hence, in order to expose your business to the broadest niche audience, the product specific marketing approach is perhaps the best option you would like to go for. So, submitting your site to the niche directories can be useful as a part of your total link building and internet marketing efforts. By getting your website submitted to various niche directories, you not only gain link value but also get the desired and targeted traffic towards your website. So, come and join with us for getting success in your online business.

Professional SEO Company Kenya and Affordable Services

We are the most renowned and affordable SEO Company in Kenya and offers best Search engine optimization (SEO) services in Kenya. Our team of SEO Experts offers services in search engine optimization for any size and type of industry.  We have successfully marketed several companies online we continue to grow every day. We have expert knowledge in that region and have SEO experts that comprehend the native language of Swahili in Kenya. Our growing clientele in Kenya had made us expand into that region by taking on the best SEO experts from Kenya on board our team.

SEO Experts Kenya:-

Our team of Kenya SEO experts offers services for all businesses whether it is a start-up or an established business. We have a growing list of portfolio of Kenyan clients that have a high regard for our prices and services.

We strive to make an impact on your business via our SEO services as we do believe that our success as a business is tied with your success. Our dedicated SEO experts will fully first understand the nature of your business and will make a strategy to follow and run it across with you before the implementation stage. We will keep you updated at all stages via the client dashboard where you can login and access all SEO reports.

Since the inception, our experience and proficiency has helped numerous businesses grow and thrive in their respective fields. In today’s ever shifting online marketplace, the endorsement and exposure of websites on the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult.

Our team works closely with you to find the most effectual solutions that will help you get the most return on your SEO venture. Our economical Internet marketing packages are specifically tailored to meet and exceed your business goals as we firmly believe that for the success of your online marketing strategies and its success should coincide with your company objectives. We realize that in today’s growing marketplace, selecting the right internet marketing company in Kenya to help market your business is essential.  That is why our services are tailored to deliver substantial results, all while remaining reasonably priced.

Google Venice Update


Google is updating their algorithms everyday to refine the results of the query of a user. Today Serpwizard is going to discuss with you about the Venice update of the Google which if affected many search queries.

What is Google Venice Update?

This update was come to trigger local universal results by relying more on the ranking of the Google main search results as a signal.

Effects of the Venice Update:

After this update many effects was seen in the SERP. It was specifically for the local search results. With this update Google is able of getting location of a visitor with their IP address. Before there was a problem of working hard to get a better local search engine ranking. Before you were need to plan your keyword strategy around the performance of the localized sets of mid to long tail key phrase terms and you need to follow long tail keywords to target your local customers but after this update you are not having any need of doing these all thing work a better local search engine ranking. Following are some benefits of this update.

  • When this update was come Google is able to search your location. It means when you search for a query then it shows you local results near to your location whereas you are setting your location or not.
  • In the effect if you are operating in multiple territories. It is absolutely essential to understand a local listing. It was very simple to target local market without much more effects.
  • It was little good for SEO because you can get high local traffic after a little effort for your local business. Now it was possible to capture more people from the search engine queries who are not visited or seen your website before.
  • After this it was not important to do hard work to rank better for a local search engine ranking. You just need to maintain your???contact us??? page of your site with proper address and contact no.

It is enough to optimize your content according to you local keywords naturally. For exp if you are selling a “used car in Toronto??? then you can target you pages keywords with the name Toronto. It is enough to give a better local ranking to your website.

Ghost Rank 2.0 Network and its SEO Story

Ghost Rank 2.0 Network
SEO is field which is changes according to the new updates of the search engine. Remember that few months ago Google’s head of search spam released a warning for the ghost networks that warning was “Thinking of ghost related puns for a spam network. They try to look super natural but using them will dampen your spirits.??? Google is working hardly for the spam networks and more links and it is in their mind. Google is working in this area more than ten years. It was a sign that Google is released a new update to kill spam networks then after this update it was seen that many user affected with this update that are using SAPE networks. When Google get complaint from these people then they contacted with them but they found that it is working well for some SAPE webmasters. I have seen many complaints about this network from some people that their rank has dropped down. I am not sure that it was because of this network or any other reason but it seem that Google has stepped up.

This is not surprising. Google is continuously targeting networks which are accepting payment to give backlink and outright link spam. The real thing is that Google is regularly refining their algorithms to give better and relevant results to their user to give the best search experience to them. The reason of refining the search result that if Google will show over optimized results then people will not believe in their results. Google is serious about its market reputation and share. That is why Google is trying to kill spamming and continuously updating their algorithms.

What is to done to overcome this problem?

  • You need to think that if you are getting links from these types of networks which are directly pointing your site then it is the time to quit these links from your site.

Always try to make backlinks from the networks who are really having a better reputation over the internet and relevant to your products and services.

SEO Site Migration Checklist or Guide

If you are going to do changes to your current website or you are migrating to a new site then you badly need to choose a migration redirect plan in place. Now, we are going to discuss with you about the SEO site migration and its checklist.

What is SEO Site migration?

When you are going to do some changes in your website then it can affect your search engine ranking. If you want to maintain your search engine ranking then you can do it with the help of the SEO site migration and 301 redirects plan. It is known as a great way to maintain the search engine ranking of your website.

How Migration Works?

You can redirect your all the pages of your old website to the new one with the help of 301 redirect. It will ensure that you are maintaining your search engine ranking of your site by redirecting your old pages correctly to the new website and correctly returning you old visitor who are bookmarked you site in their browser to visit again.

SEO Site Migration Checklist/Guide:

  • First thing you need to prepare pages which you want to redirect.
  • Redirect your map pages also to the new URL.
  • It is good to set permanent redirect to your all pages.
  • After redirecting your all pages test that redirection is successful or not.


When you are going to transferring all the data to the new website then it is very important to be prepare. Usually people do not thing about it before creating a new website for the same products or services and lost their SEO performance except the SEO professionals. You need to identify that which of your pages is having more traffic and which pages you want to keep.

Most of the people neglect migration process and including an SEO professional and after it they get result of getting less sales and leads for their products and services.


  • Using SEO site migration can help you keep your customers continue with you and you will now loss them.
  • It can help you to maintain your search engine ranking.

If your search engine ranking is same as before then sales and leads of your products will not get affect by creating new website.

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