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Omniture Sitecatalyst vs. Google Analytics

Omniture Sitecatalyst vs. Google Analytics

The person who are working in the SEO field or web development they all know very well about the Google Analytics and what is the usage of the Google Analytics but today serpwizard is going to discuss with you about the omniture sitecatalyst which is mostly similar to the Google Analytic and it can help you to get all the information about your site which you get from the Google Analytic.

What is Omniture Sitecatalyst?

Omniture is a marketing and web analytics company which have their offices worldwide. Sitecatalyst is omniture’s flagship software as a service application which offers web analytic same as Google Analytic tool. It is used to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns.

One of the most important reasons of using Omniture sitecatalyst by the companies are using is that it is very good to track effectiveness of online marketing campaigns. Basically many website owners are spending money or dong more efforts to drive traffic on their website. Technically when we classify a sitecatalyst variable then we are establishing a relation between the variable and Meta data which is related to that variable. Classifications are very important thing and it is very good to drive traffic on their site. Most people are using tracking code to drive traffic on their site.

Omniture Sitecatalyst v/s Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is very simple to install whereas for Omniture sitecatalyst you need high level efforts.
  • Omniture have very less data latency up to 15 minute whereas in Google analytics it is up to 24 hours.
  • Google Analytic cannot import data whereas it is possible in the omniture.
  • User levels limited in Google analytic whereas it is unlimited in the omniture.
  • Custom variable levels will be up to 50 only whereas in omniture up to 75 max.
  •  It is free of cost whereas you need to spend some money to use omniture.
  • In goggle analytics we schedule the reports but we cannot bookmark them but omniture provides us facility to scheduled, bookmarked and added to dashboards.
  • Google analytic set variables with integrate with third party shopping cart whereas in omniture default shopping cart variables are available.

In-House SEO Consultant: Strategy, Tips & Tools

In-House SEO

Now because of the huge online competition to get ranking in the search engine result pages it is very difficult to get a better ranking in the Google. When you are going to hire an SEO Company then you need to think which type of company you want to hire. There are many SEO Companies which can work for you but you need to hire a company who can be reliable for your work. Serpwizard is going to discuss with you about In House SEO Consultants and their strategy.

Who is the in house consultant?

In house consultants are those people who are doing work for your campaign from their home. These people work from their home and focus completely on your project. You can hire these peoples from the freelancing sites. These people are having a great knowledge in the SEO industry because they start working from home after getting a good experience.

What are the benefits of hiring an In house Consultant?

When you will hire a big SEO Company who is having many clients for the other campaigns also then it is possible that they cannot work hard for you than the in house consultants. The most of the great reason is that big SEO Companies are having many clients and they cannot focus more on your projects whereas in house Consultants have fewer projects that is why they can give you more time for your campaign. When you want to consult anything with these consultants they can easily suggest you for your queries or any other things regarding to your site. They can give more time for your queries and finding solution for those queries.

In house SEO Strategy

If you are an In house SEO consultant then you need to focus on strategy which is very important to be a successful in house SEO Professional. One strategy you need to follow make strong online reputation in the internet marketing. Nothing is more important than creating a positive reputation in front of your clients. You can follow these few tips to become a good in house SEO professional.

  • One thing you need to follow that you are working from your home but it is good to work as professional as you are working in an office.
  • It is not good to be overconfident for your work. Always try to learn something new because SEO is a field which regularly changes according to updates of the search Engines.
  • When you are going to talk about the SEO then always try to talk with the peoples about the new things not robots.
  • Don’t feel shy to help your friends to getting their goals. When you are working in SEO field then try to help your friend before asking them to support your because sometimes there are chances that you can also learn something new tips from them and they also can help you when you need their help.



What is Thin Content | Thin Content SEO, Penalty, Pages

Thin Content

Google is updating their algorithm regularly and now Google is focusing more on the content of your site and posts which you doing regularly on you website. Google gives preference to those sites which are updating their content regularly and using quality articles for their site without any grammatical mistakes. Low quality articles or blogs is called thin content.

What is Thin Content?

Google is focusing more the articles today and refining the results of their search engine result pages according to the content of the written articles. If you are having a low quality or thin articles on your site then it can be harmful for your website. There are some factors on which you need to focus and you can improve your content quality.

  • Spelling and Poor Grammar

First thing you need to focus that don’t do spelling and grammatical mistakes in the articles of your site. It gives a direct signal to the Google that your site is having a thin content. When you are going to write any article or blog for you site or any campaign then just check complete grammatical and spelling mistakes in your post before publishing it on your site.

If you are writing article for your site but you are not confident about your spelling and grammatical errors then it is good not to take risk. You can hire any professional writer who can write for you.

  1. Too Short

When you are going to publish your article with very less words then it is really very bad effect for your site according to the Google. Writing short articles or blogs for you site or any campaign is a very common mistake done by the publishers. Write minimum 350 words for an article and 250 words for a blog. It will be good for you site according to the Google and you can save you site by the Penalty of the Google and get preference for your site in the search engine result pages.

  1. Repetition

This is also a very big problem. It you want to get good ranking in the pages of the search engine then do not repeat one thing in your article again and again. It is not good for your site and Google can penalty pages for your website.

Guerrilla Email Marketing Tips | Direct E-mail Marketing

Guerrilla Email Marketing

Email marketing is playing a very big role in the marketing of any online business. There are many effective methods for Email marketing. Today SERPWizard is going to discuss about the Guerrilla Email Marketing. We hope that you will more information about this topic after reading our article.

What is Guerrilla Email Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising technique. This technique is used to promote a product or service in the market. Guerrilla marketing is usually used for the small businesses and this is very effective than the conventional for the small businesses.

How it Works and Tips?

This technique is very simple and effective. The most important benefit of this thing is that it has very low cost. Guerrilla email marketing is used by the people who have small business and want to promote their products and services. In the Guerrilla marketing techniques marketers use their personal and professional contacts.

Researchers say that when you are going to use Guerrilla email marketing then it is good to have a small organization. Actually small organization is a very big benefit for the organization because when you are going to use this technique this technique and your organization size is small then it is very simple to contact with the public for a small business other than the big organization. They are able to contact with the public quickly. In this technique marketers people uses some techniques such as posters, gifts in the toys of the children or in the food items. These marketers kept some little toys in the food items or the child and when the child plays with them the brand of the marketers famous in the other peoples also. One more example is that these marketers post some posters on the bus stands or the other public places and put their contact number and address in that advertisements and when people watch these posters they call on the given numbers and contact with them for using their services it they have interest in that services. Today because of the online businesses people is also using guerrilla email marketing techniques over the internet also. They are promoting their products and services over the internet and creating advertisements with their exciting offers. When people watch their advertisement then they click on it and redirect on their website and can get benefit from there.

Autoblogging for SEO & Email Marketing | Auto Bloggers Plugins

Autoblogging SEO

May be SEO can be overwhelming and confusing when you are going to start is first time. It is very important to understand all things about SEO when you are going to start SEO for any online business. Today I am going to discuss about the Autoblogging SEO and is it good for SEO or not.

What is AutoBlogging?

Autoblogging is a process in which you can generate many blogs automatically. It is one of the easiest ways to earn cash online after beginning your blog. You can start your personal blog on any topic and write some content on that blog related to that topic. When the people read that post then traffic will come on your website and you can get benefits of the advertisements. It is helpful for those people who cannot spend more time to prepare content.

How it works?

When you want to use Autoblogging then you need to register a blog on the wordpress. After that you can start it by adding wordpress plugin in your browse. When autobloggers start their blog with wordpress plugin then autobloggers get auto generated blogs with the same content. If people like their post they just read and visits posts of the autobloggers then autobloggers get traffic on their blogs. Getting more traffic help them to get advertisement and make money online.

Autobloggers SEO Email Marketing

You can use Auto blogging for Email marketing also. It is also can be helpful for you to get traffic and business on your blog. It is very easy. You just need to generate RSS feed for your blog. You are guessing that the main part of this Email marketing is just sending email to a blog using the feature which is called “post by email???. Not it is not in the email marketing. In this method you can post to the most blogging sites by just using an email address and you will get this option somewhere in the setting.

Autoblogging is good or not SEO?

According to the new updates of the Google using this technique can be harmful for site or blog. Google consider it as a spamming because there are some reasons such as: Content duplicity. When search engine get same content than they can punish you site and down the ranks.

SEO Audit for Ecommerce Sites: Checklist & Best Practices

Ecommerce SEO Audit

Today SEO is a most important part for everything who wants to stable their business online. When you are going to hire an SEO Company then you need to discuss everything about your website with the SEO Consultants such as which is your targeted search engine and country or place, which type of customer you want on your website. Then after discussing these all the things with the SEO Consultants they will do a proper research for your targeted keywords and give a report to you. This thing is called SEO Audit.

What is Ecommerce SEO Audit?

SEO Audit is a detailed report of research of the keywords and detailed report of complete analysis about your website. There is much competition on the ecommerce sites and if you are having an Ecommerce site then you need a very strong web presence over the internet. After hiring an SEO Company there is a major part of the search engine optimization is the Ecommerce SEO Audit because in the SEO Audit contains that which things you need to update in your website. Once SEO audit is complete SEO Company will give you a complete report including the detail and issues. Company will also tell you that why a problem is coming in your website and solution of that problem. You can ask any query about the report of the SEO audit.

What are the criteria or Best Practises for a client?

When you are going to hire an SEO Company then you need to fulfill some criteria because without these things SEO Companies cannot give guarantee about the rank in the search engine result pages. Criteria are the following:-

  • You need to verify that you are the owner of the website and you have a proper authority to submit it for the public reviews.
  • You need to verify that currently you are not working with another SEO Company or consultant.
  • You need to understand that we will use your website to the publicly because this thing can help you to get a brand value and promotion of your brand.
  • You need to agree that micro SEO audit is free and currently you are not under the contract.
  • You understand that result cannot be guaranteed.




Google Analytics Cohort Tracking, Analysis & Reports

google analytics cohort tracking

Google Analytics is a service which is offered by the Google and it is used to measure the web traffic of your site. It is a very best tool the people who need more traffic on their websites such as online business websites. They can get complete detailed statistical report about the traffic of their website with the help of Google analytics whereas cohort tracking is a technique which is known as subset of behavioral analytic also. Cohort analysis is a very important part of the analytic and very helpful also to get all the details about your site that it is going to better or not.

What is cohort Analysis?

Cohort Analysis is a great tool to track retention and user engagement but you need to know that how you can set up it on your blog. Actually Google analytic does not support cohort tracking as a standard feature. This service primarily target on traditional site navigation metrics like traffic source, bounce rate and page views. This study sometimes refers to as panel or longitudinal studies.

Refining of Data collection for Cohort Tracking

When you are going to collect data at large level from the wild and wooly internet then you don’t know exactly that what you are searching for. You need to get proper solution to the problem of detecting spiders before starting refining of data.

Why use Google Analytics?

There are some good reasons to use Google analytic for the cohort analysis. If we go in deep than we can consider that what the reasons of using cohort tracking is. For the cohort analysis the most relevant features from some of the features is the Google analytics. The most common and effective way to tracking users as they navigate you product to record your tracking data in the cookies of the site.


  • First you need to decide what you want to track and decide what you need to store such as dates or goals. How you will partition in the available slots.
  • It is important to write the appropriate data to their cookies when your visitors arrive.
  • It is good to segment the results for every cohort grouping to whom you are going to track.
  • Analyze with proper reports, make cohort reports for goal analysis or retention.





Trackbacks and Pingbacks | SEO Value Explained

 Trackbacks Pingbacks SEO

Some of you know about the Trackbacks and Pingbacks in the SEO but they don’t know that how we can use Trackbacks and Pingbacks in the SEO. We are going to discuss with you that what is Trackbacks and Pingbacks and how it helps you in the SEO.

What are Pingbacks and Trackbacks?

Generally these both are ways for blogs to communicate with each other. These both things were very popular some years ago but many few know that how these techniques can help them to get a good ranking also. These techniques can help you to get traffic from the people who might otherwise never have a reason to come on your post. These both are pretty much interchangeable and refer a network ping which will be your blogging platform such as WordPress and Blogger will send you to another blogs which link you are giving to them. Once other blog will receive ping then it will create a link to your post in the comment section. The purpose of using these both techniques is the faster communication between the bloggers with just a simple linking between the posts that are referencing each other. It becomes easier to follow the different opinions and take on specific issues. It helps bloggers to find post quickly and give the relevant information to them for which they are searching. Some people discovered that trackback and pingback can be used to make back links also. They just write a post and linked to another hundreds of posts and received back link from the trackback which is generated on each of the blogs.

The result was come as a lot of spamming by the trackbacks and moderating it became a pain. It was the use of trackback and pingback in SEO; you can get more visitors on your site by using it. The big problem with spam trackback is that when once it is approved these techniques provide links from your blog to their blogs. Many be you have a much know about these techniques but your need to at least that you will never get penalized for these kinds of links which you are getting from the another post but you can get penalized by the Google for the links which are going out from your site or post.

SEO Pagination: Best Practices and Guide

SEO pagination

Today online web presence of business is an important for every online business but sometime you can get problem of managing your data or product pages when you have more data on your website. So to overcome this problem SEO pagination can be helpful you with using SEO Pagination Best Practices.


Pagination is known as the process of dividing Content into the discrete pages means that organizing or numbering a lot of data within a single webpage to make it more manageable and user friendly. It is helpful for you to maintain huge data on the single page. For example if your search shows on the a website who is selling shoes than you will get different types of model and design on that page and in the end of the page you will get page number to go on the other page which have similar company or brand shoes. So a visitor can get their result on the single page and browse those results very quickly. SEO Experts use these URL for your website to get a ranking in the search engine. You can create categories on your home page and refine your search result according to the user need such as according to the brand or MRP etc. This type of process is known as the pagination.

Pagination is basically known as a way of making a website with a lot of information on a single webpage. It is the best way to get your result on the first page of your website when a user searches for a query. You can create internal links for you internal pages also. It is the best way get ranking of the internal pages also. When a user searches for a query then they will get result from the inner pages also then you can get traffic on your inner pages also. It will be help you to get a good page rank. Pagination is user friendly for the visitors and it helps them to get their information more quickly. Pagination is SEO friendly also. SEO Experts use practices at their best level to use this technique to get ranking for your website.

Parallax Scrolling Websites & SEO Optimization

Parallax Scrolling in a website is a special scrolling technique which is used in the computer graphics. In this technique images of the background are moved by the camera slower than foreground images. There are some techniques which are used in the parallax scrolling to move background images. Along with responsive design some people says that parallax scrolling effect can be harmful for the SEO of your site but some says that it’s not affect SEO of your websites but we say that if you are using this technique with the proper guidelines than it will be very good for your site to improve the ranking of your website. In this techniques background images move more quickly than the foreground images. It will give 3d effects to your website and your site will look very good. Before using parallax scrolling for your websites then first you need to be sure that you really need it. You need to keep an attention on how your audience reacts to change on your site. There are some things which come in the Parallax Scrolling.

You need to be very careful about some things such as Google hates huge pages because when a user visits page then it takes very time to load then visitor gets problem and this thing is not liked by the Google. Meta tags are also a big issue for the success of the online business and getting traffic to your websites. Meta tags are actually not SEO related. You can use just one set of Meta tags for your site. Using of one H1 tag per page is very good for your website when you are website which has more than one page.

If you want to use parallax scrolling for your website then you need to hire SEO Company India because they are professionals in their work and they can really help you to use parallax scrolling with the complete guidelines of the Google and rules of the parallax scrolling. Parallax can really help you to get traffic on your website and to get more sales. Using Parallax scrolling you can view your website in a different type. There are many types of thing in parallax scrolling which are used by the professionals.

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