Omniture Sitecatalyst vs. Google Analytics

The person who are working in the SEO field or web development they all know very well about the Google Analytics and what is the usage of the Google Analytics but today serpwizard is going to discuss with you about the omniture sitecatalyst which is mostly similar to the Google Analytic and it can help […]

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In-House SEO Consultant: Strategy, Tips & Tools

Now because of the huge online competition to get ranking in the search engine result pages it is very difficult to get a better ranking in the Google. When you are going to hire an SEO Company then you need to think which type of company you want to hire. There are many SEO Companies […]

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What is Thin Content | Thin Content SEO, Penalty, Pages

Google is updating their algorithm regularly and now Google is focusing more on the content of your site and posts which you doing regularly on you website. Google gives preference to those sites which are updating their content regularly and using quality articles for their site without any grammatical mistakes. Low quality articles or blogs […]

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Guerrilla Email Marketing Tips | Direct E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is playing a very big role in the marketing of any online business. There are many effective methods for Email marketing. Today SERPWizard is going to discuss about the Guerrilla Email Marketing. We hope that you will more information about this topic after reading our article. What is Guerrilla Email Marketing? Guerrilla marketing […]

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SEO Audit for Ecommerce Sites: Checklist & Best Practices

Today SEO is a most important part for everything who wants to stable their business online. When you are going to hire an SEO Company then you need to discuss everything about your website with the SEO Consultants such as which is your targeted search engine and country or place, which type of customer you […]

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Google Analytics Cohort Tracking, Analysis & Reports

Google Analytics is a service which is offered by the Google and it is used to measure the web traffic of your site. It is a very best tool the people who need more traffic on their websites such as online business websites. They can get complete detailed statistical report about the traffic of their […]

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Trackbacks and Pingbacks | SEO Value Explained

Some of you know about the Trackbacks and Pingbacks in the SEO but they don’t know that how we can use Trackbacks and Pingbacks in the SEO. We are going to discuss with you that what is Trackbacks and Pingbacks and how it helps you in the SEO. What are Pingbacks and Trackbacks? Generally these […]

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SEO Pagination: Best Practices and Guide

Today online web presence of business is an important for every online business but sometime you can get problem of managing your data or product pages when you have more data on your website. So to overcome this problem SEO pagination can be helpful you with using SEO Pagination Best Practices. What is SEO PAGINATION? […]

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Parallax Scrolling Websites & SEO Optimization

Parallax Scrolling in a website is a special scrolling technique which is used in the computer graphics. In this technique images of the background are moved by the camera slower than foreground images. There are some techniques which are used in the parallax scrolling to move background images. Along with responsive design some people says […]

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