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Writing Effective Meta Description for SEO

Meta Description SEO

A Meta Description is the short informative text shown under a Title Tag of a website on a SERP. If the writing task is done successfully and effectively then you will be the leader of Internet marketing.

Technical Definition – Meta Descriptions are HTML attributes that displays short description of the contents of web pages. They are mostly used by crawlers or bots to display preview snippets for a web page.

Format to Write Meta Description


<meta name=”description” content=”Write your short and informative sample of web page.”>


Sample should be at most 155 characters.

Importance of Effective Meta Description for SEO :

With such stiff competition for getting top positions in search engines, one of the most important way to reach top is to write effective meta description for your web page content. You need certain amount of skill in developing convincing Meta Descriptions to drive potential customers to click through to your site. These are,

  • Keyword placement and priority
  • Length of Meta Description (Ideally in between, 135-155 characters)
  • Keyword relevance according to your On page of the site
  • Keyword usage
  • Don’t repeat your keywords again and again
  • Write for users not for spiders
  • Keyword prominence and proximity
  • Unique meta content
  • Geo-targeting
  • Avoid use of Special Symbols

The above mentioned points are very important for any effective writing of meta description. If you will consider all these points then success will be at your feet. Meta description Tag is the core part of any successful SEO campaign.

If you do not use it then spiders will use either the first two to three lines of your web page or any starting paragraph line but it depends on keyword searching. So if you miss to use keywords in your content then you will lose this SERP race.

But always remember “write for visitors not for spiders”.

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords for SEO

Long Tail Keywords SEO

If you are Internet marketing user, then you might have known about long tail keywords. Long tail keywords for SEO have several benefits. Long-tail keywords are the favorite choice among new webmasters. It is the incredible, easiest and fastest way to increase search traffic for the site. One can get easy rankings as competition is low and page optimisation becomes also easy for long tail keywords. But before moving further let’s talk about,

What is Long Tail Keywords for SEO ?

A long tail keyword is a mixture of three to six words that are precise and related to the business product. In very easy language, any broad keyword that describes the characteristics of your business product like its model no, price range, id no or any other characteristics.

Let’s see some example of Long Tail Keywords

  • Digital Storm Hailstorm II Gaming PC
  • Bose Soundock Series III Digital Music System
  • 20-inch LED Desktop

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords for SEO

  • While using them as keyword, you can get easy search engine rankings as they are less targeted by other users.
  • User Intent (i.e. user intent is much broader and clear).
  • Their presence in keyword database is low as search volume is very minimal.
  • Can boost conversion.
  • Result Relevancy

Long Tail Keywords graph

Procedure to Search Long Tail Keywords for your SEO Campaign

  • Go to dealer or business shop and either ask main dealer or customers to suggest related keywords which generally use amongst users.
  • Try to look into your competitor keywords and then frame yours one in efficient manner.
  • Go to your log files and explore what are the keywords which are getting traffic to ur site and then frame your long keyword according to them.
  • Check keyword relevancy, competition, genericness.
  • Look for keyword that suits to yours website theme and its pages most.

For those who are newbie to internet marketing and SEO field. Go for Long tail query instead of Short one. Try to get traffic first rather than bulk work to get rankings of tough keywords.

Link velocity in SEO and its brief Definition

Link Velocity SEO

Nowadays a lot has been going among webmasters and SEO services provider. Today we are here to discuss on Link Velocity but before that just short narration on recent approach of SEO services provider and Webmasters. Actually what they are doing is just keep on building backlinks for their site and forgot about the behind mechanism of link.

There is cold war going on between search engines and search marketers. Search engines are continuously updating their databases or algorithm to provide more better results to users where as search marketers are manipulating their work according to search engines update to gain top rankings in SERP. But this fight has something to do with Link Velocity.


What is Link Velocity ?

Link Velocity is the rate or measurement of back-links of a particular website. It is measurement of the quantity of back-links that are effectively indexed in a specific period of time or the no. of links that are de-indexed/destroyed in that time period.

It is also known as the rate at which you add incoming links to your website. So the better the Link velocity of your website means better are the chances in gaining top rankings in search engines.

But this does not means that in trying to achieve better and high Link velocity rate you keep on adding spammy and low quality networks link. This will penalized your site in search engines.

Link Velocity

How to do increase Link Velocity effectively?

Link velocity is mainly emphasizes on Off page optimisation as it comprises of the rate of backlinks associated to your site. While doing any off page activity in trying to achieve effective and higher link velocity, follow these mentioned points:-

  • Always trust on High quality and Authorative networks for your incoming links.
  • Do not over optimize your Off page process.
  • Do it on weekly researching by going through webmaster and analytics.
  • Prepare weekly sheet of your backlinks and try to do free SEO Audit of your website for understanding your site more.
  • Strictly avoid Low and spammy networks.
  • Try to build Strong ON page factors of your website.
  • Emphasize on Fresh content.
  • Use High PR networks.


Importance of Regular SEO Audit for your Site

SEO Audit Importance

Have you ever heard about SEO Audit. SEO Audit is one of the most important internet marketing scheme where you can evaluate the status of your site. With the help of regular SEO Audit you can analyze your marketing scheme. It is must for every business organization who deals greatly at online.

The most important use of this SEO audit is when you have created site and then you have re-designed or modified its internal structure, then comes some minor issues which needs to be removed for better search engine ranking. That’s where the power of SEO audit comes. With the help of this you can monitories or analyze your site elements like,

  • Domain errors
  • Image attributes
  • Inbound and Internal links
  • External links
  • Site navigation
  • Content analysis
  • Social marketing issues
  • H1-H6 attributes
  • Redirection issues

Actually SEO audit tells you about the ON page factors of your site. The better your On page factors the more will be your keyword rank position in search engines. A SEO Audit will help you in determining about how search engines see your site and how much faith the search engines have in your website.

It helps you in assigning priorities towards your SEO operation and how to handle them easily. It also monitorize your overall site traffic, visibility, reputation and position.

SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit Services

The SEO audit report covers each and every aspect of SEO. It tells you what should be done to improve your health status of your site. There are numerous companies that offer SEO audit services. The task is done by team of experienced professionals who have vast experience in digital marketing field especially SEO. The task is complex and follows some strict procedures.

If you newbie in this department then you should definitely hire an SEO audit services offered by a reputed organization. This will certainly help in improving your SEO campaign a lot better.

SEO Co-Citation

CoCitation and SEO

Co-Citation is a technique used to purify and clarify your business position in search engines. SEO co-citation was a latest topic of discussion at present as well past era where Google launched its anti-spam updates which focuses on spammy links from low-quality networks. In present era, cocitation have moved away from link juice to the links concept. For webmaster gaining to achieve more visibility and rank in search engines of their business then they should look and must follow this approach.

What Co-Citation explains in terms of SEO ?

1)  Navigation of Link juices :-  Webmaster just keep on making inbound and inbound links for gaining high PR, better position, more authority. But the fact is that outbound links are also important for better navigation of link juice. Link juice must be flow forward as well as backwards.

2)  Interconnection of two Good (quality) Websites :-  To gain better SERP of your business in this competitive market is complex work. But if you can find high quality sites that have same niche as your site have and thus interlinking with them will surely bring your business visibility in top of search engines.

3)  Remember of bad (spammy)networks :-  Going hard and hard for achieving top rankings in search engines sometimes lead user to approach for low quality networks. That’s where the search engines bots captures your shot and slap your online business position down.

Never evolve in low quality network. Believe in high quality and authorative sites. Because to win this ranking race, High quality links are the key for success.

4)  Link Graph transitive tendency or mechanism :-  This is the advanced and innovative term in co-citation i.e. transitive relationship. Let’s see this in more clear approach,

                                        Site1 Links To —> Site 2

                                        Site1 Links To —> Site 3

                               Site 2’s authority is benefited to Site 3

Here the transitive approach of mathematical relationship follows. Because Site 1 is linked to both sites 2 and 3. Where site 2 is of high authority which transfers its juice to 3 via Site 1 and benefited Site 3 greatly.

SEO Co-citation

Overall :-  Understanding and implementing Co-citation for SEO is tiresome and complex work. But if you have managed to understand its mechanism properly an implemented in your business scheme  then you will definitely get lot of ranking and visibility advantages.

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